Tour this Appalachian cabin – the reclaimed wood creates amazing rustic finishes

The Appalachian Mountains are one of the areas of rural America in which the log home tradition has continued to thrive since settlement days. It is the natural habitat: The abundant forests, endless foothills, and striking mountains offer the perfect backyard for any log home enthusiast.
The cabin which we are going to tour today is located in the Blue Ridge foothills near Asheville, North Carolina; with miles of wilderness to explore in the adjacent Pisgah National Forest. The cabin is rich in its simplicity, with less than 400 square feet (37.2 square meters) of interior living space. It is a reminder of the long-standing union of the log cabin lifestyle and Appalachia. 
The inviting porch is a spectacle with its beams and over-sized roof. It overlooks the valley, with panoramic countryside views.
The beautiful scenery is a rich tapestry of greens. The cute wooden cabin looks perfectly positioned among the mature trees.
Inside the cabin, we are immediately gobsmacked by the wood. Incredible tones and features are present in the walls, doors, floors, and furniture. A lot of the house was finished with reclaimed barn wood, giving a great rustic finish.
The kitchen cabinets are also made from reclaimed barn wood, giving it the appearance of a log cabin from settlement times. The 2-inch-thick countertop is made from black walnut, which also came from a reclaimed source.
This quaint log retreat has a lot of character within. It is a simple living space with everything you need for the back-to-basics cabin lifestyle.
You truly live the seasons in a log cabin, and Appalachia gives you them all!
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