Step inside this woodland log home – A lakefront lodge of pure rustic delight

Building with reclaimed wood is a great way of injecting the rustic, weathered look into a log cabin. It can give even a recent construction the appearance of a timeless wooden retreat, with features in the wood which remind one of the log homes of settlement days.
Heritage Cabin Lake House by RMT Architects is a stunning barn-like construction which features beautifully distressed wood throughout, creating a unique home with attractive characteristics. Located in Swan Valley, Montana, Heritage Cabin has 1,758 square feet of interior living space and an open-concept floor plan which was designed as a recreation cabin. 
There are no bedrooms in Heritage Cabin as they are provided by the nearby main residence. The building has a large open main room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a loft, a screened porch, and plenty of storage space for watersports equipment. Did we mention it overlooks a lake? 
This rustic barn has a gorgeous exterior of weathered wood. The tones in the aged facade give this building a strong character.
The barn makes up the majority of the building, with a large screened porch area and a spacious storage cabin. The over-sized terrace offers plenty of outdoor seating options.
Looking into the house from the back porch, we can see a traditional style great room which is open all the way to the lake at the other side. Precious!
Heritage Cabin's great room is a conglomerate of stunning construction materials. The wooden frame has attractive features, whilst the high ceiling and enormous windows create a seamless transition from inside to outside.
This soaring fireplace is made from attractive stone and is the centerpiece of the room.
This impressive fire is the perfect place for a cozy evening with family and friends.
The kitchen is stunning, with a rustic wood finish, robust fixtures, and a timeless, classic design. 
Heritage Cabin doesn't require further decoration. The various tones of wood combine to create a character-filled abode with endless rustic elements.
The bathroom has an incredibly beautiful antiquated sink. 
The fireplace in the great room also acts as an outdoor fire, heating the spacious porch on the other side. This covered and screened deck is a very comfortable solution to remaining outdoors during nightfall.
Heritage Cabin Lake House is a private recreational building, so does anyone fancy a beer?
The barn includes a number of recreational activities, including this pool table.
If we go upstairs...
...we find a large games loft which includes this cute shuffleboard court.
Heritage Cabin overlooks a glistening lake which is lined by tall trees and has a sweeping mountain panorama. Amazing!
Sit back, relax, and enjoy!
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