Walk into this dream cabin in Maine. Imagine relaxing on that patio in the back

For those that really want to get away from it all, this cabin in Maine is really the place to go when you want to get away from it all! This authentic wood cabin is perfect for those who feel that the hustle and bustle of the city is simply too much and are definitely looking to settle down for something quieter.
Located on 15 acres of hardwood forest, the location of the property is the biggest selling point: with a private, gated road ensuring your privacy, it is located several miles back in the woods from the nearest public road. You won't be disturbed in this sanctuary, and living in it seems like a dream come true.
Moving inside the house, we can see that the entire cabin is beautifully laid out, and has authentic, custom decor -- just look at the detail on the walls and cabinetry! This space is perfect for relaxing with loved ones, or entertaining a small group of friends.
The wood-burning stove heats and provides a nice visual aid that really brings the room together.
The kitchen is small and has no appliances, but that only means that you have to be creative when it comes to your food preparation! Nothing wrong with roughing it every now and then.
The dining room table is comfortable and easily seats six.
Located at the top of the cabin in a loft is the first bedroom, which looks quite comfortable and is absolutely the perfect size for a child or guest.
The master bedroom is much larger and also doesn't skimp on comfort. The natural light coming through the windows is very warm and inviting.
The deck area is large and fantastic, and easily one of the best features of the house! Look at how large and well-covered it is! The BBQ in the background is a great touch.
This wild, untamed acreage is the perfect place to build a cozy little cabin like this, and nothing in the world beats the privacy you'll have when you live here. The forest surrounding you only adds to the marvelous beauty of the area, and is just waiting for you to explore it. What do you think you'd get up to in these woods? LIKE and SHARE this post and tell us all about it!

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