Dream about living in this woodland cabin. Just check out the cozy master bedroom

This dream home on Innes Lake in Northern British Columbia, Canada, has everything you need in a lakeside getaway.  Located right near the beautiful lake and on a property of 67 amazing acres of fantastic Canadian land, this cabin is the dream of anyone that really wants to get away from it all.
The gorgeously built and maintained cabin boasts a sizable square footage and an open concept interior, really opening the space and making it quite livable.  The grounds surrounding your cabin are large and untamed -- and most importantly, all yours for you to enjoy!  Included in the purchase price is also a lakeside sauna!
The interior is comfortable and perfect for anyone who wants to get away from it all for a while and relax in the wilderness. The authentic stove that heats the space is a lovely addition.
The kitchen is amply sized and perfectly capable of serving a wide variety of meals for as many guests as you could want.  The appliances are new and in great condition, and look at all that counter top space!
The dining area is also quite nice, with a lovely table and seating arrangement as well as a wide open window to enjoy the view of your land.
The bedrooms are cozy and capable of accommodating most tastes, complete with all the natural light you could want and a large bed.
The master bedroom is considerably larger and no less comfortable -- easily big enough for whatever bed you could want, as well as a giant window for all the natural wake ups you could ever ask for.
All with absolutely dramatic views of the property and lake outside.
What do you think? Is this lakeside retreat enough to build all your dreams on? Can't wait for the idea to go out and relax on your own private land in the middle of the wilderness? Tell us all about it and LIKE and SHARE this post and tell us what kind of fun you'd get up to in this great landscape!
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