Check out this Alberta resort cabin. Its fireplace is incredible

Located in the beautiful Alpine Village Cabin Resort in Jasper, Alberta, this lovely getaway cabin boasts warm, comfortable interiors and views of the Rocky mountains that are absolutely to-die for.  The resort is large and provides all kinds of outdoor activities, including hiking and rafting along the nearby Athabasca, Sunwapta and Fraser Rivers.
The cabin is located on a small plot of land, and each individual getaway has its own share of privacy.  The landscape of the Jasper National Park itself is over 4,000 miles of absolute Canadian beauty and you won't be able to wait to explore the great forests and mountain scenery of Jasper.
Surrounding you during your stay, the vast Canadian wilderness is at your fingertips, waiting to be traversed and taken in.  The fresh mountain air and the beautiful scenery are sure to do wonders for anyone's spirit up here.
The interiors of the cabins are warm, cozy and certainly accommodating enough for you, a loved one and your family.
The fireplace heats up the cabin and looks great with its authentic stone facing -- just look at how comfortable the interior looks!  Those cold mountain nights would not be able to affect this idyllic scene at all.
The bedrooms are spacious and large enough for a queen sized bed, easily giving you all the comfort you could possibly require on your weekend getaway to the mountains.  The natural light pouring into the room would give a peaceful and relaxing wake up call!
The kitchen is the perfect size for a resort cabin -- small enough to not get in your way while you relax on your vacation, but large enough to prepare any meal you may want.  Truly a perfect slice of life for however long you're staying!
The Jasper National Park is worth the trip and these Alpine lodges serve as a perfect getaway location to see the splendor of the great Canadian wilderness.  From their perfect, compact size to that great stone fireplace tying the room together, this is one cabin experience you can't miss!  Been to a mountain resort before or just want to tell us how much you'd love to see these cabins? LIKE and SHARE this post on Facebook and tell us all about it!

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