Ever looked inside an A-frame cabin? This one has huge windows and amazing light

When considering a vacation in a log cabin, what is it that we are looking for? Of course, we want the beautiful natural surroundings of rural America, but when considering the cabin, we want an abode which offers the simple, back-to-basics kind of living which complements the outdoors lifestyle.
Today we will take a tour of a stunning A-frame vacation retreat by Cedar Cove Cabins. This unique and eye-catching construction has an intelligently-designed floor plan, including a full kitchen, a sleeping loft, and a three-quarter bathroom. 
The stunning wooden retreat has a fantastic location mere steps to a glistening lake. Sound good? Let's take the tour and see what this rustic cabin offers...
The attractive A-frame cabin looks great from outside, with charming gardens, a barbecue, and a picnic table. The floor-to-ceiling windows ensure the house has great natural light and creates relaxing views of the gorgeous natural scenery.
This A-frame cabin has a cozy interior finished with light-colored wood, which increases the brightness of the living space.
The ample-sized floor plan is easily heated by this lovely central fireplace. Two sliding glass doors give a great flow from inside to the outdoors sitting area.
The open-plan living room has a well-appointed kitchen which includes a refrigerator, a stove, an oven, a microwave, a toaster, and a coffee maker.
The designated dining area can easily house a large party. The dining room is afforded plenty of space despite the cozy living area. The ground floor is completed with a three-quarter bathroom, which includes a shower. 
We pass up the winding staircase to the loft area.
The loft area doesn't lack in headroom. The lofty A-shaped frame of the cabin means the upstairs doesn't have that cramped feel of square-shaped cabins. 
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