Relax in this beautifully built log cabin and bask in the brightness of its interior

Everyone feels the need to get away now and then and with this cabin on the lovely flats of Goldendale, Washington, you'll finally get the chance! This beautiful log cabin is the perfect retreat for quiet contemplation for you and your family, and the vast, sunny expanse of land is guaranteed to settle all the stresses you might be under from the city.
With solar panels in the backyard, propane gas power and a nearby well, you'll truly be living off the grid – but not so far that the nearby towns won't be available to you when you need them! Your environmental footprint will be small indeed as you stay in this almost self-sufficient home. Don't worry about feeling guilty in this cabin!
The property is located on 20 acres of land that's yours to use as you see fit. Just imagine the fun you can have with friends gazing up at the stars on land that's entirely yours!
The interior is where this cabin really shines -- literally! Look at that natural, ambient lighting, as well as the comfortable space! The vaulted ceiling contributes to that open, airy feel.
The wood-burning stove also adds an element of authenticity and comfort to this already great space.
The kitchen is a fair size and comes fully equipped with full-sized appliances and a two-basin sink. The dining table, as well, is a quaint addition to the setting.
Upstairs, we can find the loft area, which can serve any number of functions from storage, to play, to even another bedroom if needed.
The bedroom itself is also quite cozy and amply sized, ready and able to fit in your most comfortable bed. The wooden walls shine in the early morning light from the large window.
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The bathroom is compact but completely functional, and allows for the exact same treatment as a bathroom in any other, more conventional household!
Anyone can imagine moving away to seclusion to bask in compete peace and quiet, but could you imagine any better place than this? With acres upon acres of your own land, this quiet, cozy cabin could make all your quiet vacation dreams come true! What would you get up to on that much acreage? Let us know and LIKE and SHARE this post on Facebook to give us all the details!

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