Welcome to this rustic cabin – you'll enjoy its sociable open floor plan

For a lot of us, log cabins represent a dream of escaping the city and living a life in the countryside. America's long-standing tradition with log cabins means they represent a return to a simpler lifestyle, without the constant barage of information of the modern world which forces us to operate at a quicker tempo. 
A log cabin lifestyle is characterized by a peaceful nature setting and a rustic home, functional in its simplicity. This beautiful rural cabin is located near Spruce Pine in a hidden valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina.
This seasoned, rustic cabin is situated in 1.7-acres (6,880-square-meters) of garden and woodlands. It has a well-proportioned 725-square-foot floor plan (67.4 square-meters) which hosts two bedrooms and one bathroom. Want to see inside? First, let's explore the exterior...
This gorgeous cabin has a robust exterior, built from heavy logs in a tongue-and-groove style. Constructed in 1978, the wood has had time to settle into its natural surroundings to give it the timeless, rustic appearance we love to see in log homes.
Taking a look from the side of the house, we can see how this cabin benefits from both front and rear porches, which are both covered.
The spacious garden is well manicured and a genuinely pleasant place to pass the afternoons. 
Taking a look at the rear deck, we can see how this wide porch covers the entire rear of the cabin. The full-length porch on the front of the house is even wider.
What a pleasant place to relax. The porch has been one of the defining characteristics of the log home lifestyle since the settlement era. Want to take a look inside this rustic dream cabin? Step this way...
We enter into a large open-concept main room which is cozy and inviting. The attractive wood used to build this cabin is a gorgeous feature which runs throughout this rustic home.
The living room has plenty of windows which serve to brighten the room. The antique-style wood-burning stove is a simple way to heat this low-ceiling space and is an attractive fixture.
The open-concept ground floor of this cabin makes the kitchen a sociable place, creating a central point for your party to gather for evenings and meal times.
The gorgeous country-style kitchen is finished in a lovely shade of wood. It has plenty of countertop and storage space, and is complete with a full range of modern appliances.
The main living room is a generously-sized space, with a well-portioned kitchen which includes a breakfast bar and a dining table.
This log cabin is the ideal weekend retreat, with two spacious ground-floor bedrooms which can comfortable house four adults. 
Both of the bedrooms are simply decorated, with little required beyond the classic furniture and rustic log walls.
The bathroom offers plenty of space, which is in keeping with the continuity of this house.
As we leave this peaceful log cabin, looking back we can see how it is a perfect example of a quiet wooden retreat.
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