This A-frame cabin has the perfect porch, but you'll love the stylish kitchen

Quite often when exploring log cabins we are looking for a simple living space, whether we are downsizing or looking for a second home in nature. Smaller floor plans often suit the cabin lifestyle much better than the larger, modern log homes which are more like suburban houses. A small cabin is often a functional space yet invites its residents to make the most of living in the great outdoors.
A fantastic example of a simple floor plan is this gorgeous little A-frame cabin located in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. This attractive rural getaway has a simple-yet-livable floor plan, a large deck area, two storage sheds, and is set in half-an-acre (2,023 square meters) of stunning woodlands. Sounds good? Let's take a look...
This cute cabin is terrifically attractive from the outside. We love the simple A-frame shape and dark wood which contrasts nicely with the gentle use of green tones. The large deck looks ideal for sitting out all day long, whilst the numerous windows are sure to create a bright living space. Lovely!
This modern A-frame cabin has a slightly extended area on its right-hand side. This pop-out section of the building houses the dining area, we will see the benefit of this slightly elevated ceiling from within.
The rear of the house is ideal for entering into the home with muddy boots, rather than making a terrible mess at the main entrance!
Entering the house via the front door, we can see how the wall of glass creates an open feeling to the main living area, with plenty of light and gorgeous woodland views.
The well-proportioned kitchen is one of the best features of this cabin. It makes sense to have a large kitchen when living outdoors, as all you really need is a place to sleep and a place to cook. This attractive room is finished with modern appliances making meal preparation a simple task.
The kitchen features an abundance of countertop space and cabinetry which has an eye-catching grain in the wood. We love the addition of the large white island, we feel it really completes this room.
Remember the slightly raised section on the right-hand side of the cabin? As you can see from the picture above, this quaint addition makes a huge difference to this floor plan, creating ample space for a dining set. The use of the large windows only serves to add more natural light to this already bright living space. 
The bedroom in this cabin is located in the loft space, accessed by a ladder in the main living room. This cozy and inviting space benefits from the A-frame shape to create a loft bedroom with enough room to walk around without bumping your head. The bedroom has a window to the back and is open to the wall of windows at the front of the house, also.
The bathroom in this quaint cabin is a simple wash space, adequate for a couple. The attractive fixtures and fittings in this room finish it nicely, we love that antique-style tap!
The large deck area at the front of this Pikes Peak cabin is probably one of the most important spaces in the floor plan. This IS the living room. Imagine spending all day sat out here with friends and family, with the fresh air all around and the relaxing noises of the woodlands as your soundtrack. Amazing!
Two storage sheds ensure the cabin can remain clutter free - an important point when considering a smaller floor plan.
The cabin is set in half-an-acre of beautiful woodlands (2,023 square meters). This rustic sitting area is a nice addition to the land.
Looking at the cabin from the rear...
This cozy little A-frame log cabin looks perfect sitting in the woodlands of Colorado. What a dream getaway!
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