Take a look inside this dreamy cabin – you'll love this jewel of a bedroom

Sometimes, the three most important things for a home can be location, location, location. When imagining a quiet retreat or downsizing to a smaller, simpler life, we will often dream of the perfect natural surroundings.
Today we will explore a cabin located on the Big Sur coast - where the mountains meet the ocean. It is arguably one of the most spectacular landscapes of California. Close to the beach, with nature hikes all around, this gorgeous portion of rural America is quietly captured in this inviting cabin, named Dream Cottage, which is listed on Airbnb.
Located south of Carmel at Point Lobos State Nature Preserve, this hilltop wooden retreat boasts outstanding panoramic views of the treetops to the Pacific Ocean. It is an inviting and relaxing space to unwind in a bountiful nature area. 
This quaint cabin is built from regional Redwood trees, giving the facade an attractive appearance as the wood has settled into its natural surroundings. 
The powder-blue door and window frame combine with smaller garden items to add a fleck of color to the house. The simple use of blue reflects the house's delicate, mindful character. Attractive!
One enters Dream Cottage via the kitchen to an impressive spectacle of wood. This pleasant cabin is built from Redwood trees both inside and out, giving a strong and solid feel to the home.
The well-appointed kitchen benefits from skylights which flood the room with the Californian sunshine. The simple, robust furniture completes the rustic-chic theme.
Often the kitchen can become the heart of a social home. This large room with dining area is a pleasant place to cook and entertain friends. The large, sliding rear wall brightens the room whilst behind it...
...we find an airy living room with an astounding corner window.
The living room is the ideal place to quietly unwind. Imagine relaxing on the comfortable sofa with a good book as day transitions to night. Cozy!
The expansive bedroom is the jewel of Dream Cottage. The high beamed ceiling displays a beautiful quality of wood and ensures this room is filled with fresh air. The natural stone fireplace is a gorgeous feature which would effortlessly heat this room.
The bedroom also includes a corner window, with a cozy nook for relaxing or reading with a refreshing woodland surround. Lovely!
You can see how this cabin is perfectly quiet inside and out. 
The bedroom is tastefully furnished with rustic items and scatter rugs. The attractive grain in the wood paneling is dark, yet easily lit by a skylight and loft window. 
The master bathroom is not too cramped, perfectly serving a couple in this peaceful retreat.
The coastal views of Big Sur must be spectacular from this treetop vantage point. What a great location!
Enjoy the sunset over the Pacific Ocean through the treetops of rural California!
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