Take a look at this gorgeous woodland log home and its beautifully rustic interior

There's nothing like the facade of a log home, or the relaxing place it can transport you to. This cabin, tucked away in the woodlands, is wrapped with a giant porch that welcomes you to the great outdoors all around it. Inside is a rustic retreat all it's own with timber walls, lofty ceilings, and a roaring fireplace.
A log cabin is the perfect place to drive off to for a weekend away, or jet off to for a woodsy adventure. At the end of the day, no matter your journey, you know you're going to come back to a warm, cozy home - and this is a great example.
This rustic home welcomes you with tall peaked roofs, and large timber poles propping up the porch. It looks like the perfect place so sit back, and watch the world go by.
This living room has all the rustic details you desire in a log cabin: golden timber walls, beams overhead, and a river rock covered fireplace. 
We love the stunning wire chandelier overhead, and those big french door that open up to nature outside inside this rustic dining room. This is a wonderful space to host a big family meal, or an intimate dinner. 
The kitchen is tucked up under the loft, but wide open to the living and dining room making it the perfect place to entertain. 
This loft vaults you up to the treetops. We love the natural timber railings and how you can look down onto the beautiful living space. This is a great area to stick the kids, or cozy up in a nice oversized chair with a book.
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