Discover this West Virginian cabin – you'll love the double-sided prow windows

In pursuit of the perfect log cabin, we often find ourselves coming back to the two main themes: The quality of the construction and the location with which it is placed. The ideal log home with have both an outstanding floor plan and an incredible location. 
Today we are going to explore an ample-sized log cabin located on 22 acres of rolling hills in gorgeous West Virginia. This delightful cabin listed on Zillow benefits from private gated entry and has a fantastic natural location with quick access to the hiking trails, skiing, and trout fishing of the expansive National Forest.
Constructed in 1960, this home appears as modern as it was when it was built. The interesting floor plan features one bedroom and one bathroom over 925 square feet (85.9 square meters). Let's explore this cabin further...
This unique cabin has an interesting design, making it unlike any other in the state. The large prow-front windows are an attractive feature which will bathe the home in natural light whilst serving consistently relaxing views of the surrounding forest.
Taking a look at the building from the side, we can see how the eye-catching architectural design adds a lot of character to the home. The residents also have the added bonus of a deck area to the front and to the rear.
Looking at the rear of the house, we find a second prow-shaped wall of glass, meaning this home is lit from both sides. How attractive! Let's take a look inside to see how the floor plan is laid out.
You can clearly see how the main living room is alive with the natural light these large windows afford. Whilst the floor plan is cozy, it doesn't feel like a small, cramped living space.
Stepping further into the living room, we can see how the surrounding forest feels ever-present whether inside or outside this house. How relaxing it must be to have such beautiful natural surroundings!
The main living area is heated by this rustic fireplace. This simple fire will easily heat this small cabin despite the high ceilings. By night, this cozy fire will become the focal point of the living room, creating the perfect ambiance for peaceful evenings in the woods.
Moving out of the living room, we pass along the ground floor to the kitchen/dining area.
The kitchen - with its splash of bold color - is a vibrant room which offers everything one would require to complement the log cabin lifestyle. A simple cooking space for the simple life.
Looking through the kitchen/dining area we can see how this room benefits from access to the rear deck - perfect for those days where you want to take your lunch outside.
The generous dining area could easily house a large table fit for a dinner party. In the pictured example, the owners have opted to use the space as a second sitting room - ideal for those who want a little peace and quiet to read and reflect.
The floor-to-ceiling glass doors allow a lot of natural light into the kitchen, whilst also maintaining the forest views which are a theme in every inch of this woodland retreat.
You can see from this photo how the front and rear windows are pretty much a constant feature wherever you are within the house. The tight winding staircase leads to the sleeping loft.
As we look up to the loft we notice the attractive wood which is used in the making of the cathedral ceiling. The heavy beams and neat finishes show a level of quality which is built to last.
The bedroom in this quiet cottage is located in the loft. The high ceiling means it is not a cramped space. Pictured here, you can see the large windows of the rear of the house, whilst if we turn back... can see the owner benefiting from the front windows too. This is a truly panoramic house which maximizes on the woodland location.
A cabin in the woods with large windows and plenty of outdoor porch space. What more could you want?
Whilst looking at these pictures it is important to remember where this house is located: 22-acres of stunning West Virginia woodland!
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