3-bedroom Ascutney's central fireplace is just one of its many perks

A vacation in this home might make you consider moving out into the woods altogether. This home is warm and inviting from the second you lay eyes on its wrap-around porch and you're greeted by its massive open living space. Inside, you're surrounded by wonderfully aging wood walls and leather couches that make you want to plop down after a long day of adventuring.
While you may be enjoying all the comforts of modern living inside this home, they've also managed to bring the outdoors right inside. Each window has a view out into the forest - sometimes so green it looks as if you're up in a treehouse. Take the tour of this incredible cabin and see for yourself. 
From here you can see that giant wrap-around deck. This is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a good book, or to sit quietly and spot wildlife.
While the inside of the home is open and airy, you still feel cozy and comfortable thanks to the wood walls and oversized furniture. This living area is tucked right by a bunch of windows so you can sit back and imagine yourself as part of the forest.
From here you can see how wide open this space is. The dining space is open right to the kitchen and living, and we love this flow. It's easy to entertain and enjoy everyone's company - plus having an open space means all that amazing forest light can reach every nook and cranny. 
This fireplace takes center stage in this log cabin - drawing your eye all the way up to the second floor. We love the natural river rocks they've used to construct it, and how the cool colors of the stones contrast with the warm wood walls.
The kitchen cabinets are the same wood as the rest of the home, adding continuity. We also love stone countertops and those bar chairs that look both comfy, and hand carved.
Now this is a place you want to retreat to. With tall ceilings and beautiful furnishings, this master bedroom is the perfect place to lay your tired head after a long day out in the woods.
The second floor provides great views of the indoors too. You can stand up here and admire the fireplace, or look down to the open living space where everyone is gathered. 
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