Take a look inside this mountain cabin: The living room is a treat

This quaint and authentic log cabin at Duck Creek, Utah, has all the hallmarks of perfection: Great location, vast, untamed landscape, and solitude fit enough for anyone. Imagine the wind rustling the trees or the smell of the forest on a crisp morning – you'll feel truly one with nature in this dazzling mountain home.
Perched on a hill with a brilliant view, the exterior of the house boasts a generous plot of land, a curtain of trees and fantastic views of the area from your secluded vantage point. The trees surrounding the home provide security and privacy while also providing you with that all-important sense of being in tune with the wild.
As you look out the back porch of this cabin, you'll immediately see the awe-inspiring view that this cabin clearly boasts, impressing anyone with its unrivaled vantage point!  Imagine reading a book in the sun, or enjoying a meal with loved ones as you gaze upon the entire mountainside.
As you enter the cabin, you'll immediately notice the impressive amounts of natural lighting this home offers – this cozy home will never feel dark and unwelcoming, ever!
A closer look into the living room gives us the reason why – check out this impressive windowed wall!  The amounts of pure, natural light this window allows in is remarkable, and the view of the land beyond is just icing on the cake, not to mention the other side of your deck!
The living room and kitchen area is also fully equipped with a wood-fire heating stove, perfect for cozying up to on those cool nights, and the kitchen itself is the perfect size for serving a nice breakfast to your family during the holidays.
The bedrooms are quaint and cozy. Located on the other sides of the house, these rooms are large enough to accommodate a generous bed while allowing you to sleep in a bit in the shade. The living room gets most of the light, while these bedrooms let you slumber in peace and quiet!
This cabin is the picture perfect dream home for someone looking to get away from it all and find a nice spot in the middle of the woods. The view is intense and beautiful and only contributes to the charm and comfort of the cabin itself. Could you see yourself living in a place like this? LIKE and SHARE this post on Facebook and let us know!
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