Fairytale Bluesky has a must-see interior – it's absolutely charming, inside and out

Those of us who are drawn to a life in the woods often have a sense of majesty. The quietening natural surroundings demand a home fitting of a beautiful place. We don't want ugly wooden cabins, we want beautiful wooden homes which have their own sense of magic. This quaint 455-square-foot (42.3-square-meter) cabin has a great sense of individual character – charming!
Bluesky was designed by Hobbitat, and we can clearly see the link to the fantasy world imagined by English author J. R. R. Tolkien in "The Lord of the Rings." In a woodland setting of rural America, this cabin has a more fairytale feel, and wouldn't appear out of place in the fantasies of German writers the Brothers Grimm. Beautiful!
The charming Bluesky log cabin is a beauty to behold. The vibrant color to the fascia adds an instant sense of character to this cheeky cabin. The deep deck area looks really cozy – inviting!
Bluesky does not only have individual character on the outside, the interior has some great secrets and is a charming use of the quaint 455 square feet of living space (42.3 square meters). Let's go inside...
We step immediately into a well-proportioned and beautifully finished living room. The quality of fixtures and fittings are clear to see, with a standard of design befitting of the vibrant home. Cute!
Gorgeous hardwood floors, large windows, and high ceilings ensure this space is bright and airy. The inviting sleeping area at the back-left is an attractive sleeping option and is in keeping with the quaint style of Bluesky.
Bluesky has a spacious bathroom, making this cabin much more livable than some others offering cramped washing conditions. Ample closet space completes everything a couple need to live a simple life in the woods.
We really love the character of this charming cabin. Take a look at the simple but well-proportioned floor plan: 
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