Step inside this charming Utah cabin near Zion National Park

This cozy and adorable cabin, nestled in the hills, sits right by Zion National Park in Utah, and immediately charms with its comfortable size and design. If you’re looking for peace, quiet and the stillness and beauty of nature, you’ve come to the right place!
The exterior is tucked right into the clearing of a beautiful wooded expanse, giving you the intimate feel of being surrounded by nature on all sides.
There are two decks; a covered porch in the front, for nature-watching and barbecues with friends and a relaxing sun-space behind the cabin, with a great view of the forest surrounding you. Perfect for those warm, summer days with a book in hand!
As we step inside, the wood-stove is an immediately noticeable centerpiece, providing all the heat and comfort you’d need on cold nights, while also perfectly located to serve as a calming fireplace.
The bedroom is comfortable and large enough for a generous bed, and the natural light is second to none. Imagine waking up to the hills and trees surrounding you as the sunlight filters in and you can already see the allure of this cabin.
The kitchen also utilizes its space well and is the perfect size to cook a family dinner, but also compact enough to not dominate the subtlety of the cabin itself. The full-sized refrigerator is an excellent bonus!
This charming cabin is perfect to escape the drudgery of the everyday routine or just to relax for the weekend with family. With excellent privacy, a nicely tucked away lot that’s surrounded by trees and the beauty of the location itself, this cabin is hard to pass up! 
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