Tiny cabin lover builds his own woodland retreat from scratch

This tiny cabin near Lewiston, Mich., was built by the property owner who goes by the forum name kbvalley. According to Small Cabin Forum, kbvalley used the building plans for the Kenora II cabin that are sold by Back Road Homes. Kbvalley started the building process in March 2011 and had the cabin finished and ready to use by June 2012. He did the work himself, going up north to the property to work on the cabin on the weekends.
Sitting on 60 acres of woods, the cabin was built for hunting and weekend getaways. Kbvalley started the process by digging holes for the foundation posts. Within three months and 10 days, the little hunting cabin went from bare land to what you see pictured below. For one man working only on weekends, he was moving right along.
According to Back Road Homes, the Kenora II cabin should be 168 square feet (15.6 square meters) inside, and the porch should add an additional 84 square feet (7.8 square meters). Kbvalley altered the plans a little and added a half bath on the left side of the porch and shortened the size of the porch.
On the forum, kbvalley states that he used Brick Dust red to paint the exterior of the tiny home. He also got rid of the dormer that the original blueprints called for.
He added some beautiful, personal touches to the tiny home, which can be seen in the added porch light.
Even though the cabin was only meant for hunting and weekend vacations, he took the time to make the inside nice. A granite countertop in the kitchen and hardwood flooring are just a few of the niceties that can be seen.
He used wainscoting throughout the cabin and kept the half bath simple.
The natural wood ceiling and walls combined with lots of windows keeps the cabin bright and cheery. Chair rail around the loft ensures the safety of all who move around up there.
By the time the first snow came in 2011, kbvalley's cabin was weather-tight on the outside. Although he was still putting the finishing touches on the inside, his vacation quarters were far enough along that he could still enjoy them.
Tiny spaces are proving to be quite versatile. Some people choose to live in the tiny space; others choose to only go tiny when vacationing. For others, though, going tiny is the perfect solution for a weekend cabin in the untamed woods.
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