Beautiful Alaska log cabin is a perfect summer retreat. Check out the kitchen

Alaska is home to this tiny log cabin. Located in the taiga of Alaska, this cabin is used as a summer retreat for Shae, the avid blogger on Hitchhiking to Heaven, and Stewart. Shae started her blog to share "the quirky, unexpected stuff we encounter along the road to a thoughtful, satisfying life," but ended up writing primarily about canning fruit and making jams and jellies.
During the summer months, she retreats to this cabin, which her blog states is surrounded by 900 miles of wilderness and sits at the base of the Alaska Range. Mt. Denali can be seen from the backyard on a clear day. Since the cabin is in the wilderness and grizzly bears are abundant, her post Return of the Porcupine states that a "cache," a shed fourteen feet (4.27 m) in the air, sits on the property to keep food safe from the bears.
The cabin is made of white spruce and has a nice front porch for sitting on and relaxing at night. The large overhang protects those on the porch from bad weather.
In keeping with a log cabin, the inside walls and cupboards are all made of natural wood.
Since Shae is an avid canner, the kitchen has plenty of shelf space on which to place the preserves that are put up throughout the summer months. 
The bedroom has enough space to sleep two comfortably. Since the cabin is in the wilderness and doesn't have T.V., plenty of book space has also been provided. A dormer window allows natural light to brighten the room.
This tiny cabin is perfectly designed to compliment its surroundings. The builder and designer kept in mind Shae's love for canning when creating the kitchen, and Shae and Stewart get to enjoy the fruits of her labor while winding down and enjoying the beauty of the surrounding countryside.
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