Explore this Canadian log cottage and its marvelous interior

This log cabin may look like a chalet in the Swiss Alps – but lucky for you, you won't have to travel halfway around the world to book a stay here. This log cabin is actually tucked away in the forest of Whistler, Canada. This famous area of British Columbia, Canada is renowned for it's skiing – the nearby mountains piling up with over 12 meters of snow a year.
This log cabin is the perfect home to come back to after a chilly day on the slopes. It not only boasts two incredibly large decks – perfect for enjoying a hot cocoa or glass of wine – but a giant kitchen equipped with all the things you'll need to whip up massive meals for your sure to be hungry family or guests. 
From here you get a clear look at those incredible decks, and the craftsmanship that built this beautiful log cabin. There's a garage to keep the car out of the snow, and the home is tucked in the mountain surrounded by pines for maximum privacy.
This living room is everything you'd expect inside this incredible log cabin. The log walls are golden and shiny, and that stone fireplace is another perfect rustic touch. Plus we love how the living room feels tucked away, but is still wide open to the kitchen and dining space – making this the perfect family vacation home.
A kitchen fit for any Hollywood chef, right in the heart of British Columbia. This kitchen will help you get creative, and whip up all those big meals for your hungry brood. We love the natural stone counters, and how the cabinets are the same golden wood as the timber surrounding it. 
From here you can see how the kitchen opens right up into the dining space. Serve up dinner buffet style on that gigantic island, or gather the family for a big dinner at the long dining table. 
From here you can also see how they've built the island right around that gigantic timber that's holding part of the house up. While practical, it looks fabulous.
After a long day on the slopes, this bedroom is the place you want to lay your weary head and wobbly legs. The big bed is made of timbers, just like the rest of the home, and the big beams above make this room nice and cozy.
Finally, the master bathroom. A real retreat in this resort city – this tub has piping hot water, jets, and a surround big enough to line with candles and a bottle of wine. 
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