Welcome to Half Mile Farm - the timeless rustic kitchen is not to be missed (watch video)

Before brick and mortar became the new norm for building houses, rural America was a haven for traditional rustic log cabins. But what do we mean by rustic, and why do we love this old-fashioned style so much? Warm cozy rooms, free-standing bathtubs, large stone fireplaces – they are every incurable romantic’s dream.
Cabins at Half Mile Farm by Moss Creek Luxury Log Homes are snuggled into the rural U.S. countryside, built within woodland by a natural stream. You almost need to look carefully to see them hidden between the trees so well have they been designed to fit in with their surroundings. Just as classical on the outside as on the inside, these cabins are completely unique. Want to see inside? Let’s explore one of them…
Can you see the cabin peeking through the trees? Country-style small cabin life doesn’t get much better than this. Built in horizontal wooden panels, the facade almost seems striped due to the contrast of colors used on the exterior. While it may look tiny from the outside, this special home features one large double bedroom found on the first floor by the bathroom.
Like many small cabins these days, this Cabin at Half Mile Farm has opted for the usual open-plan look which has become so popular. The living room is furnished with a collection of distinctive antique furniture and while it doesn’t all quite ‘match,’ it works perfectly with the overall style of the home. Just look at the open stone fireplace – stunning!
The small kitchen at the back of the house is full of classic loveliness. The refurbished painted wooden cupboards stand wonderfully next to the old-fashioned Aga-style oven; you wouldn’t believe how much heat these traditional cookers produce. This alongside the open fire in the living room would certainly heat the whole house in winter.
This good-sized dining room has more than enough space for a large wooden table to seat up to six guests. The large floor-to-ceiling window provides views of the outdoor porch and beyond, so despite the use of dark wood throughout, the room manages to be warm yet light at the same time.
There is quite a contrast in feel between the upper and lower stories of this beautiful home. While the ground floor oozes coziness, this open bedroom is bright and airy with large doors leading to a second-floor balcony. We love the addition of the modern take on a four-poster bed – comfortable, but aesthetically fitting with the design of the house.
Through the bedroom, you reach the only bathroom in the house, but what a bathroom it is. Despite the characteristic sloping room, these upper rooms do not lack space to walk around in. The bathroom, in particular, is huge and has space for a lovely, antique, free-standing tub as well as a walk-in modern shower. Have you noticed the innovative shelving?
It’s hard to imagine that such an amalgamation of different woods – colors and finishes – could work so well within such a compact space.
Rocking chairs on the porch, red-painted window frames – we adore how Cabins at Half Mile take us back in time.
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