Tour the Hillcrest, a beautiful three-bedroom timber-frame home (watch video)

Although history says timber constructions came over to the United States from various places in western Europe, we’ve really made these wonderful houses our own. Developing from small, half-timber frame cottages to large, exquisitely crafted homes, some of these houses are more like works of art. But despite progress in building techniques, we love to see how the traditional facades continue to be used.
Talking of excellent workmanship and larger timber properties, The Hillcrest by Confederation Log and Timber Frame is a must-see. Constructed on its own leafy grounds, this two-story timber retreat provides owners with over 2,300 square feet of living space. The use of wood throughout, from the exterior to the beaming, the incredible winding staircase and the quality flooring: it is just what we look for in a perfect timber home. Let’s go and explore…
The Hillcrest is a three-bedroom masterpiece - unassuming and classic in design from the outside, but stunningly beautiful on the inside. We love the characteristic use of the symmetry with the imposing triangular soaring roof in the center. A huge decked porch hugs the entire side and back structure of the house, creating an ideal family abode.
You enter the house through a wide vestibule that leads directly into the great room, and from this moment, you are hit by the exquisite design. Light blue and cream tiles work beautifully against the dark wood polished flooring of the living area and the lighter wood on the walls. There is something quite grandiose about this entrance – do you agree?
The whole of the ground floor is open plan and despite its large size, manages to appear tranquil and cozy. The living room, with an elevated balcony and overlook from the second floor above, is just spectacular. Quality rustic-colored furniture placed effortlessly on traditional scatter rugs provides warmth and gives this room a delicate cottage-like look with a modern twist. Just look at that spectacular fireplace and the enormous feature window to the back – could it get any better?
The bright and airy dining and kitchen area keep the same classy appearance as the entrance and (appropriately named) great room. We love how the use of different flooring between rooms seamlessly separates the space, moving from the stunning polished wood to the same top-quality tiling of the vestibule. Can you imagine opening up those huge patio doors onto the outdoor decking in summer?
This wonderful dark-wood kitchen boasts an abundance of cupboard space and all modern-day appliances – it even has a wine cooler. While the addition of the stainless steel and ceiling spotlights give this a more modern look, the charm of the timber home is certainly not lost.  
The incredible Hillcrest features three generously-sized bedrooms, two of which have large walk-in closets. The master bedroom on the ground floor is simply decorated in natural tones and has the same large windows typical of this beautiful home. This is a wonderful place to relax after a long day in the surrounding countryside.
The Hillcrest has two complete bathrooms – one en-suite off the main bedroom and another upstairs. Both are fully equipped with large walk-in showers, and plenty of storage space for towels and toiletries.
We didn’t say The Hillcrest was a perfect family home for nothing. For those light evenings when parents are entertaining in the incredible open-plan space below, the upper attic tucked up within the sloping roof is home to a second comfortable recreational space for the kids. There’s even a small study with views stretching beyond the house’s grounds – amazing!
And last but not least, this spectacular tour takes us back to the great outdoors. What American timber home would be complete without a porch for summer days? Built up on stilts at the back of the house, this huge decked area is a great spot to take in the views. There is even a small sheltered section if those summer rains get in the way.
Fancy a look at the floor plan for The Hillcrest?
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