805-square-foot Cataloochee Cabin is a rustic dream come true

As we get older, we generally see our family units grow in size – children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren – and with that comes a lack of space when wanting to get everyone together. In our opinion, log cabins are perfect little permanent homes for any family, but they also make excellent guest houses. Why? Unobtrusive on your grounds, pretty and often great space savers.
When the Merrill family retired to a large farm in Tennessee, Cataloochee Cabin was born for just that reason. With only 805 square feet, this special little cabin has everything the family needs for visiting guests. In order to fit in with the natural surroundings of their farm, they wanted a completely traditional look inside and out. Let’s explore…
This cute, cottage-like cabin has all the classic features you associate with a traditional log home – flat horizontal side logs, dovetail corners and chinking between logs. The towering natural stone chimney rises up into the stunning high pointed roof. We can’t wait to see inside, can you?
The house is entered from the porch into a beautiful open-plan living, dining and kitchen area. We love the contrast of the light and dark wood used to divide the upper and lower levels of the house –striking! The warm, neutral furnishings are placed around the incredible natural log fireplace – an excellent spot to sit and catch up with loved ones.
Between the living room and kitchen, you can find a bright dining room with more than enough space for early morning breakfast with a view. The modern patterned upholstery really adds color to this more traditionally-decorated abode.
With treated, refurbished wooden cabinets in two complementary colors, it’s hard not to fall in love with this compact guest kitchen. Featuring a fridge, microwave, and toaster, Cataloochee Cabin is well fitted-out for a guest while staying over with the family.
The good-sized country bedroom boasts built-in closet space and direct access to the main bathroom next door, almost acting as an ensuite. The use of contrasting wood is evident here as well, adding character to this snug cabin.
Running up from the living area to the spacious loft space above is a beautifully hand-crafted wooden staircase, which fits perfectly in this classic log home. We adore the use of long, dark wood logs on the banister, matching the wooden paneling in the stunning loft space.
Despite being tucked up in the roof, this comfortable loft area is easy to walk around in due to the high ceilings. The characteristic square windows and large skylight flood the room with sun, creating a lovely airy extra sleeping or relaxing spot.
This fully equipped bathroom boasts two entrances – one from the side of the open-plan living area/kitchen and the other from the master bedroom. It has a full-sized bathtub, sink and extra storage for towels and toiletries.
Being in the stunning Tennessee countryside, Cataloochee Cabin would not be complete without a designated exterior area from which to gaze at the incredible views. This large stilted porch covers the whole front entrance of the home and is sheltered in order to provide some shade from the strong summer sun – can you see yourself here?
Cataloochee Cabin was constructed by Hearthstone Homes. For a better idea of the layout, take a look at the accompanying floor plan…
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