The Corones Camping Cabins have the coziest interiors (watch video)

As their biggest fans, we love beautiful log homes for every occasion whether it be our permanent home, extra guest house or vacation rental. The great thing about these aesthetically lovely homes is that size really doesn’t matter; some of the nicest log retreats are the coziest.
The Corones Camping Cabins by Sitka Log Homes are nestled in the small town of Rasen in northern Italy near the Aneterselva valley. Similar to some of the stunning scenery we have here in the US, this lush green area of Europe provides the perfect setting for these three identical cabins. We think they would be a great inspiration for any log home enthusiast – should we explore?
Built primarily for vacation purposes in Italy, these stunning log cabins are, in fact, Canadian! This classic design with a high, elevated, triangular roof makes the Corones Camping Cabins timeless. It’s impossible not to admire the workmanship gone into these intricate little retreats, and the quality of the wood is evident. Let’s take a look at them…
This cute log cabin may be tiny, but it certainly has everything you need from a home. The ground floor is open plan with a good-sized living/dining area and a compact kitchen. Despite the handcrafted staircase occupying some of the living room, there’s a good amount of space for a double sofa, dining table, and free-standing log fire. We love the rustic red tones of the tiling which runs through this room – it goes perfectly with the warm wooden interior.
Providing you with another perspective of the living area, you can see how easily a large-sized sofa for families can fit into this sweet rural log cabin. The side window lets in a good amount of light without ruining the cozy feel for which this log home is so special.
We can’t move on from this fully-equipped little living area without taking a closer look at the winding staircase and wood-burning stove. Built in the same quality wood as the rest of the house, these custom-made stairs become a real feature of the cabin. Standing just below, this classic-style fire is a wonderful solution to warming this simple space..
Also on the ground floor at the back of the Corones Camping Cabins is a separate toilet/washroom. The sign of a well-designed small cabin is how space is distributed, and while this is a two-bedroom abode, there is only one official bathroom. Having said that, a simply-decorated bathroom with a large tub and two sinks provides guests or homemakers with an additional washroom to the toilet and shower room. Again, although it’s small, it boasts a big walk-in shower and ample storage space.
Climbing the stairs, we come to one of our favorite areas of this cute Italian retreat. Want to read a book but someone in the living room is watching TV? Fancy a nap on the sofa but dinner is being cooked? You’re in luck. Corones Camping has added a clever twist to the traditional top landing space, creating an extra living area for those moments you want some peace and quiet. Imagine the views of rural Italy from the huge top window!
Imagine yourself in the Italian valley in winter – snow falling outside and a warm bed to jump into. This is exactly what Corones Camping provides you with. That typical ski-resort-style ambience: low lighting, a comfy double bed and those same light wooden log walls we all love so much.
The cabins at Corones Camping include not one, but two outdoor areas to enjoy with your family. On the lower floor by the entrance lies a wide decking area with plenty of room to set up a table for eating in the sunshine. If you prefer more privacy and a little more shelter from the elements, nuzzled into the beams of the characteristic sloping roof is your own large balcony – a wonderful place for stargazing!
To end the tour of these chic European cabins, we had to show you how they look lit up at night. Homely, inviting, warm – look how the artificial light shines charmingly off the wooden logs. What log home lover wouldn't want to vacation here?
Designed specially by the owners to suit all the needs of their camping guests, this simple, yet effective floor plan is worth studying…
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