The name says it all. Explore the Adventurer: Perfect for woodland retreats

Over the years, we’ve seen how the log cabin market has grown and with it, the designs. But what is it that made us fall in love with these wonderful wooden homes in the first place? Classic designs which ooze elegance and beauty; warm, cozy rooms fit for cold winter nights; rustic interiors, which make us feel at home with nature.
The Adventurer by Coventry Log Homes offers all of this. It’s not too big nor too small, measuring 840 square feet. It offers one bedroom and one bathroom with a large loft area for extra space. The design is impeccable – classic, traditional, homely. Are you dying to see it? Let’s have a look…
The simple structure and shape of the Adventurer really adds to its loveliness. With a light horizontal log façade and a front balcony that runs from one side of the first floor to the other, this small log cabin really feels like something from a fairy tale. Just look how well it flawlessly blends into the woodland surroundings – a home within nature at its best!
This impeccably designed log cabin boasts a fully open-plan concept, making the most of all the available space. Living room, kitchen and dining room can be found within the same spacious area. It certainly does not feel cramped, in fact, quite the opposite.
Looking more closely at the living room, the use of the traditional-style wood-burning fireplace really provides a focal point; it centralizes the room, creating a sense of separation from the adjoining kitchen. We love the scatter rugs upon the stunning polished wooden floorboards and the rustic colors of a typical country house.
There couldn’t be more windows in this traditional log home, making the Adventurer bright and full of light with a tranquil atmosphere. It boasts a fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances and long stretches of countertops to prepare scrumptious meals for the family. There is also an abundance of cupboard space, utilizing the upper and lower areas of the kitchen. To top it off, let’s not forget the compact dining space.
With access via the open living area, the master bedroom offers ample space to rest after those long days walking in the woods. The lower ceiling in contrast to the exquisite vaulted one in the living room induces sleep, and the same custom square windows featured throughout the house provide us with stunning exterior views. There is also a large built-in closet, perfect for storage.
Despite being the only bathroom in the house, the Adventurer’s washroom really doesn’t disappoint. The same light wooden interior seems to create an almost Scandinavian ‘sauna’ look. We love the huge walk-in shower and modern fixtures and fittings, contrasting the traditional appearance of the other parts of the house.
It’s hard not to appreciate the intricate design of this custom-built wooden staircase with the small balcony and alcove looking into the loft space above. The unobtrusive fine lighting entices you to see what’s upstairs…
This spacious loft is perfect for a second sleeping area. Unlike other smaller log cabins, the ceilings are relatively high in the Adventurer, and while it’s open to the floor below, it feels set back from the staircase, providing visitors with more privacy.
...and of course, we can’t forget the outdoors. A log home wouldn’t be complete without its long, sheltered, decked porch. Including an awning for extra coverage, this 6x32-foot covered terrace really is the icing on the cake for the Adventurer. It’s the perfect place to sit back and soak in the natural setting.
Here’s a basic floor plan for the Adventurer.
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