Discover the Chattahoochee: The large porch is the perfect outdoor space

One of the best features of log homes is the versatility of they offer. A log cabin can be placed in the perfect location to satisfy the dreams of their owners; benefiting from the scenery of your choice. 
Park homes add another dimension to this phenomenon, where they can be easily moved to capture the idyllic surroundings of rural America. They are not set in stone: the owners can simply move their log cabin according to their wants, needs, and dreams.
The Chattahoochee by Rustic River Park Homes is a great example of a modern park model, which has the benefit of being easily moved, yet maintains a high standard of comfort inside. 
From looking at the outside of the Chattahoochee, we immediately notice the quality of the finishes which this home sports. It is a robust and solid cabin, giving the illusion of a static cabin which seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings... 
...and what incredible surroundings this cabin has! Situated among the trees of quiet woodlands with mere steps to a refreshing lake. Let's take a look inside the Chattahoochee to see what a modern park home can achieve.
Park homes are rarely oversized but have space-saving designs which give the residents everything they could want in a log cabin. The living room benefits from a gorgeous stone fireplace and is much easier to heat than the larger wooden homes which are often misnamed as log cabins. 
The comfortable living room and open kitchen feature the unmistakable beauty of wood. If the large windows were not enough, the designers have added trapezoid-shaped windows in the eaves, which add to the natural light which floods this gorgeous home.
The kitchen in Chattahoochee is quaint in size, yet is finished with modern fixtures and fittings, giving all the functionality of a larger home. The generous L-shaped bar gives plenty of worktop space, whilst custom hand-crafted cabinets make the cooking space as attractive as it is practical.
The Chattahoochee has a generous 10-foot porch, which can be screened or left open according to the environment and the owner's wishes.
The porch adds extra living space to the home which is roomy and can easily house the chunky and rustic furniture which perfectly finishes a log cabin. What a dream to sit out on this porch, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.
At the back of the house, the ample-sized bedroom can comfortably house a queen-size bed. The gabled dormers with trapezoid windows are a wonderful addition to this room, ensuring you wake with the light.
The loft in the Chattahoochee has plenty of space for a second bedroom and can comfortably house your guests or relatives. Both the bedrooms are finished with carpets, which makes sure they are well insulated and comfortable when you slip out from between the sheets first thing in the morning.
The bathroom is well finished with rustic fixtures and fittings which are in keep with the overall tone of the house. It even manages to include a full-size bath! The hallway has a separate room for laundry facilities whilst the manufacturers include the option of bunk beds, meaning this gorgeous log cabin could easily sleep six people.
Of course, the floor plan is not the only living space you have with a log cabin; the great outdoors are your backyard!
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