Discover the loving touches throughout this tiny family-owned log home

Some of us dream of living by the sea, others in large mansions in Beverly Hills, but we can’t think of anywhere more perfect for a family than a humble log cabin surrounded by nature. This family unit with their 3 dogs and 2 cats clearly feel the same.
Originally built as a vacation rental in 2004, the owners have since refurbished this log cabin in order to make it their permanent home. Tucked within the greenery of the Tennessee countryside, this compact log cabin fits perfectly into its surroundings with its matching green roof and eye-catching window shutters.
Despite the simplicity of the house, it is full of charm with the family’s personal touch visible throughout. Let’s see what they have done to the place…
Built over only 585 square feet, the rooms are cozy but well-utilized, with space saving tricks being used throughout. The side door leads directly into the fully-furnished kitchen area, where light and airy wooden furniture match the same color slanting roof. It really gives you the feel of being in a quaint European cabin in the mountains – just wonderful!
Moving into the dining area from the kitchen, the same beamed roof provides the room with character while the open-plan design of this lovely little log cabin still makes it seem larger than it actually is. The continuity of the beautifully polished natural wood floors which run through the property also add to the spacious look.
The tranquil living room offers everything you need. This cozy log home boasts a number of windows, and the large sliding doors which lead onto the back porch drown this functional living space with light. We don’t even have to mention the incredible views you get from the comfort of the sofa!
It’s great to see how the owners have brought the use of wood into all aspects of this delightful house. This unique light wood fire surround contrasts the feature brick wall, adding to the intimate atmosphere.
The main bedroom just off the living room enjoys the other side of the central fireplace – great for those cold winter nights. The natural look can be seen throughout with the warm, rustic decoration looking stunning next to the refurbished wooden doors.
One of the most impressive things about many log homes is the ability to really use the space available. This simple, yet beautiful twist on a family home has converted the large loft space into a spacious second bedroom, excellent for young children.
Who says an enormous house is necessary for a family? Look how every corner of this compact walk-in wardrobe has been exploited! 
The ample-sized bathroom is finished with beautiful fixtures and fittings, whilst the intelligent use of the space includes stackable laundry facilities.
A home is not complete without a wonderful space to spend time with your family on those hot humid Tennessee summer nights. Accessed through the patio doors from the living room, this large decked terrace is a perfect place to eat, relax, and have a barbeque with friends while soaking in the views of the rolling hills in the near distance.
Welcome home!
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