Take a look inside this unassuming log home: Every room is a true stunner

Log Homes are typically designed to maximize the space available, with intelligent and creative solutions to making the most of smaller dimensions. Quite often, a log home will have the secret of a well-designed living space once you pass through the front door. The perfectly functional interiors are one of the main things we love about log homes.
The Sebec by Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is small in comparison to some of the log homes available on the market. This attractive house covers 1,562 square feet of interior living space and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Miraculously, the interior feels incredibly spacious. Let's take a look.
The Sebec is constructed using cedar wood. This fantastic material is naturally resistant to rot and decay, and actively repels insects. Cedar wood won't warp or change size according to the climate, and the pores within it act as a natural insulator.
The Sebec is a 1.5-story construction which includes loft space. You can see how the large windows and dormers are going to fill this house with natural light. Let's go inside to take a look...
The living room is approximately 20 x 16 feet, however, the open-concept floor plan with a soaring cathedral ceiling creates a spacious and air-filled living space. The rich tones and unmistakable aroma of the cedar wood add a sense of relaxation throughout the house.
The dining room is approximately 18 x 15.5 feet but will comfortably fit a large dining table. The expansive surrounding windows create a constant reminder of the beautiful location of your log cabin getaway.
The big windows in the living room seem to draw the light into the home and perfectly accent the lighter tones of the gorgeous cedar. They also create incredible views from all parts of the house, where you can overlook the panorama of your dreams. 
The traditional country kitchen easily fits into the approximately 11 x 14 foot dimensions. There is ample room for all the necessary facilities of a modern kitchen, whilst the light that floods the house is picked up by the brightly-colored cabinets.
The ground-floor main bedroom in the Sebec can easily house the heavy, rustic furniture which completes the classic log home. It also benefits from direct access to a small front porch.
The second bedroom is located in the loft space of the house, above the kitchen. It is quaint and cozy, and is perfect for guests or relatives.
The Sebec has a generous open loft with a balcony which overlooks the main living area of the house. It also has access to the second bathroom. In the model pictured, the owners have opted to create a third bedroom for guests, however, it would make an ideal office or second living room. 
The original floor plan features a large porch at the rear of the house, whilst the pictured model has a spacious deck on the front. That is one of the great things about log homes: they can be adapted to their environment and their owner's vision of the perfect getaway.
As you can see, the Sebec by Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is an excellent example of maximizing on a smaller footprint, and promotes the natural light which we all love in a log home.
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