Peek inside this 1795 log home for a fascinating glimpse into bygone days

One of the main reasons we love log homes is the feeling of timelessness which these buildings convey. It is a connection to the past - to simpler times - to an uncomplicated lifestyle before all the trappings of the modern world clouded the fundamentals of a happy life.
There are many historic log homes throughout the United States, but today we are going to explore a cabin which is a true depiction of bygone times. Old Hunt in Columbus, Ohio, was constructed in 1795. Yes, 1795. 
This gorgeous log cabin is a genuine historic representation of the good old days. Old Hunt has three bedrooms and three bathrooms over 2,102 square feet and was constructed using attractive chestnut wood. It is a picture-postcard of colonial America.
The exterior of Old Hunt is beautifully antiquated, but let’s step inside to discover what it was like to live in a log home which was constructed around the time the Declaration of Independence was signed.
Old Hunt is filled with rustic ambience. The interior features stunning hardwood floors, chestnut log walls, and exposed beams. The living room boasts a beautiful fireplace, with stones and a mantlepiece sourced from a historic local plantation.
The kitchen can often become the focal point of any house, and whilst historic relevance adds a sense of romance, it is perhaps the room that benefits most from modern functionality. The kitchen in Old Hunt has a contemporary design, yet does not seem out of place with the overall tone of the house.
The dining room in Old Hunt is spacious and airy, with large windows which perfectly capture the incredible panoramic views of this woodland setting.
The open concept floor plan, large windows, and whitewashed walls ensure the house is bathed in an abundance of natural light. 
The rear entrance hallway to Old Hunt has original tile floors and an old world fireplace which welcomes you inside after a satisfying day in the surrounding woodlands. 
The upper floor of Old Hunt hosts three spacious bedrooms. They maintain the historic nature of the house, meaning your antique furniture will finally have found the place where it belongs.
The attic room has an attractive vaulted ceiling and chestnut built-ins. It is perfect as a bedroom or an office.
The sun room in Old Hunt is finished with incredible floor-to-ceiling windows which seem to invite the outdoors into your home. What a perfect place to relax!
No log home would be complete without an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Old Hunt has a large screened deck which is elevated to make the most of the sweeping treetop views.
A second, more discreet deck area is ideal for enjoying the refreshing woodland smells and cool breezes.
Old Hunt has benefited from updates in 1985 and 2004, adding a certain modern practicality to the home without damaging its historic relevance. 
Old Hunt is perfect for those who love horses, with a two-stall barn and storage space within the grounds.
Old Hunt sits in gorgeous woodlands but comes complete with a spacious pasture which is perfect for your animals. 
Imagine waking up in Old Hunt and starting your day with a walk in the woods. We think this home represents a dream come true!
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