Discover a very British version of a log cabin – its natural light is divine

When we think about log homes and wooden cabins, our minds are often drawn to our own cultural interpretations of these countryside dwellings. Have you ever wondered how other countries interpret a log cabin lifestyle? Today we are going to explore a different kind of log cabin outside of the United States.
Old Orchards is a snug vacation home located in the lush green hills of Wales, Great Britain. The peace and quiet of the British countryside is only broken by the gentle rustling of trees and birdsong which will be an unfamiliar tune to American listeners.
Whilst the natural setting of this quaint log home is different to the woodland or mountain settings we are used to, it is the cabin which will be an unfamiliar interpretation of rustic living for American readers.
Old Orchards is set in a lush green garden with numerous places to sit, relax, and contemplate the surrounding nature. It is a wonderful private retreat for a couple, an infant, and their well-behaved dog.
A wide porch is perfect for enjoying the morning sunshine and as this is Britain, there is no need for a screened porch. The milder climate of the United Kingdom means there are no bugs trying to bite you!
Old Orchards has huge windows which overlook the garden to the surrounding fields and out to the woods. The vaulted ceiling with wooden beams and whitewashed walls create a clean space which perfectly accents the vibrant red highlights that punctuate the house.
Old Orchards has an open concept L-shaped floor plan which has been carefully designed with a shelf and drawer unit which separates the sleeping/living area from the cooking/eating area.
The antique dining table looks out across the porch which is lined with attractive geraniums; perfect for a quaint British breakfast of boiled eggs and toast soldiers.
A black leather sofa stands next to an attractive wood-burning fireplace, giving a cozy place for enjoying peaceful evenings. The comfortable king-size bed can be enjoyed by a mere backflip from the pleasant lounge area.
The charming kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, a fridge, a double sink, an oven, and a gas hob. The unmistakable flecks of red add a vibrant tone to the house.
The bathroom is small but perfectly functional. It is finished with modern fixtures and fittings and is a bright clean space.
Old Orchards represents a very British interpretation of the log home lifestyle and is likely to be in keep with how Americans view the United Kingdom: smaller, delicate, and gentle.
Old Orchards is located in a rural setting called Garway Hill. Whilst most Brits will think it is the middle of nowhere, those more accustomed to the geography of the Americas will think nothing of the three-hour drive from central London!
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