Step into this Norwegian ski cabin and cozy up in front of the wood-burning stove

Norwegian couple Bendik Manum Sivilarkitekt mnal and AnneLise Bjerkan Sivilarkitekt mnal's ski cabin in Trollheimen Meldal, Norway is everything we want in a vacation getaway: All the essentials bundled up in a cozy and low-maintenance atmosphere. Per the couple's design, the picturesque cabin's decor is minimal, allowing the beauty of the pine and the bright airy space to shine. It's incredible how a snow-covered home can seem so warm.
According to Living in a shoebox, this cabin is only 118 square feet, yet somehow manages to fit a double bed and a two bunk beds without making the interior feel cramped. The dining room also contains a bench that doubles as a guest bed and a toasty wood-burning stove. 
The cheery main room is surprisingly spacious — thanks in no small part to the high ceiling and windows letting in tons of light.
The stove in the corner can be used both to cook food and warm up the cabin on chilly winter nights.
The walls and ceiling have built-in storage solutions to prevent the cabin from being overwhelmed with clutter.
Because this is a ski cabin, it only makes sense that the mudroom be large enough to accommodate discarded cold-weather gear without dirtying the interior.
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