Headwaters Camp cabin takes rustic living to a whole new level

In Big Sky, Mont., you may stumble upon the cabin that epitomizes everything right with rustic living. From the tranquil scenery to the hand-hewn feel of every detail of the structure, the Headwaters Camp cabin from Dan Joseph Architects is unparalleled in beauty. Perched on the edge of the water and nestled within the woods, this cabin truly allows you to forget about the rest of the world.
According to an interview with the Big Sky Journal, the main concerns the architects had when constructing this cabin were to "convey strength, permanence and a sense of confidence amongst an overwhelming panorama of majestic mountains and weather extremes," while retaining the inherent beauty of the landscape. Further, the owners were adamant that the cabin be a “green,” LEED-certified home.
Yes, that is an honest-to-goodness horse in the background. Who knows what other sights you might see while lounging on the deck?
Imagine curling up in front of that roaring fire with your favorite book. Nothing compares to that sense of tranquility.
Here is the dining table, the kitchen island, and the kitchen. Maybe it's just us, but our eyes were immediately drawn upward to admire the decorative tie-beams and rustic light fixtures.
Let's take a closer look at the kitchen. The pops of green on the cabinetry add just the right amount of color to the interior of the cabin.
This bedroom is everything we could possibly want — high ceilings with exposed beams, plenty of windows, and rustic touches such as the unfinished log bedposts and charming dresser — creating a homey atmosphere unlike anywhere else.
The trough-style sink and unique paneling make this bathroom the epitome of rugged yet refined.
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