Enter this magical mountaintop log home: The hammock is not even the best part

This mountain top log home, located in Walton, New York, is a true charmer. From the exterior, it may seem like many other log homes, but it actually comes with many stand-out features, including a full bathroom, outdoor hammock,  front covered porch, and few other surprises. Let's take a look inside!  
Upon entering, the vibrant colors of the living room decor puts you in a laid back and warm mood. Little finishing touches such as the wood burning stove (pictured on the left), galvanized tub storage, and rustic light fixture add to the charm of the home. 
The dining area can seat up to four guests and there's still cabinet space to storage your favorite silverware. Don't forget to look out the window! 
Love Christmas? Add some sparkle into your log cabin. 
This log cabin also features other elements of the kitchen - fridge, sink, and dishwasher. 
Imagine sitting back and relaxing in your rocking chair after a long hard day. Turn on that stereo and enjoy your favorite tune.
The two bedrooms also are cozy and have large windows that let in natural light.
Yes, there's a full bathroom and shower.
There's much to do around the surrounding area -- hiking, dog walking, and even archery. Imagine yourself taking a stroll along this path and breathing in that fresh mountain air. 
In the morning, relax on the covered porch and take in those breathtaking views.
There's even a walk-out basement.
Off to the distance, there's a hammock. Near the cabin, there's also a hot tub! 
Can you imagine reading a good book on the hammock or just sleeping in?
Alas, even at the end of the day, the views are still gorgeous. Say goodnight and sleep well. When tomorrow comes, you get to do this all again. 
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More photos and floor plans inside!
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