Welcome to Tryon I — a robust and customizable log home

One of the greatest things about owning a log home is the feeling of being outdoors, and as no two homes sit in the same location, it stands to reason that no two homes should be designed the same. Log homes are easily customizable, meaning they can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, and perhaps more importantly, they can be adapted to maximize on the specific surroundings within which they sit.
The Tryon I by Blue Ridge Log Cabins is a fantastic example of a complete base unit which can easily be altered to your individual dream. If your ideal view is a lake, a forest, the sea or the mountains, the Tryon I can be effortlessly customized to your own private paradise.
The Tryon I is a single-story log home which offers a generous 613 square feet of interior living space. This delight of a home doesn’t try to overfill the floor plan with too many rooms — it keeps it simple — with an open feel creating a bright and airy living space.
The main section of the home has a large living room, open kitchen, and entrance hallway, which gives the illusion of a larger floor plan and captures the airy space one comes to expect in a log home.
The kitchen is complete with a full range of modern appliances — including a stacked washer/dryer — yet is tastefully designed to remain in sync with the rustic lifestyle. The bedroom is generous with ample storage space, and the bathroom features a complete set of fixtures and fittings, yet doesn’t feel cramped or claustrophobic.
The Tryon I has a gabled entry porch and landing in the back; however, it can easily be customized to fit into your individual paradise, where you can create the perfect porch to sit, relax, and look out at the natural surroundings of your dreams.
The Tryon I floor plan by Blue Ridge Log Cabins is uncluttered and spacious.
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