Discover the Twinlake: A light-filled loft-style log home with a sunroom

Log homes are typically characterized by open living spaces which have an abundance of airiness and are bathed in natural light. It is one of the key reasons people fall in love with log homes: beautiful living spaces which are a pleasure at any time of the day, and seem to draw the natural surroundings into your house. The best part about this one? Probably the sunroom (see below for pictures and layout), a rare feature that you don't often see. 
The Twinlake by Expedition Log Homes was designed to maximize natural light to create the perfect living space for all log home enthusiasts. This attractive abode covers a spacious 1,403-square-foot floor plan, features a lot of windows and a soaring vaulted ceiling, which combined create a home life you will fall in love with.
The Twinlake log home’s main feature is the expansive great room, which has an open concept connecting the modern kitchen and designated dining area. Expedition Log Homes has designed a house which is as functional as it is practical, using exquisite materials, modern fixtures and fittings which maintain the rustic feel of a log home.
Whilst the Twinlake offers generous living space, Expedition Log Homes has not overcrowded the floor plan with multiple rooms and dividing walls. The Twinlake has one bedroom, one bathroom and a loft area which can be used for storage, an office, or a guest bedroom. 
In an open concept house, it can often be difficult to find a quiet space for yourself. Twinlake provides a solution to this problem in the form of a gorgeous sunroom. This octagonal retreat is the perfect hideaway for those who savor the quieter moments in life and is ideal for enjoying the panorama, with 270 degrees of exposure.
The Twinlake makes the most of a very large elevated deck area and an open gable porch, giving residents ample outdoors space for dining, socializing, or simply relaxing in the natural surroundings.
The Twinlake floor plan is simple and effective, satisfying all your criteria for a log home.
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More photos and floor plans inside!
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