Meet 'Lakehouse,' a 720-square-foot rustic retreat

As beautiful as grand log homes are to look at and lust over, all those bells and whistles seem excessive when we truly think about what we need. If we win the lottery, then sure, we'll invest in a veritable log home mansion. But more attainable options that are still gorgeous in their own right, such as the Lakehouse from eLogHomes, are the ones that make us the happiest.
Despite its name, the 720-suqare-foot Lakehouse does not need to be constructed near a lake, though that would certainly be a plus. Like all other eLogHome models, it's fully customizable  — from the log style to the log corners to what you want to do with that second bedroom — to make your log home dreams come true. The open layout makes all the communal rooms flow together nicely, and you'll notice that the bedrooms are at the back, ensuring the utmost privacy.
Here's the floor plan for the Lakehouse:
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