The 'Silver Mountain' is what dreams are made of — especially the loft bedroom

For most of us, the quirks of each log home are what draws us to them and makes them stick out in our minds. This custom Silver Mountain II from Appalachian Log and Timber Homes is a testament to how a simple detail —a 6-foot dormer over the front porch, in this case — can take a house from standard to sublime. Add in the dovetailed corners and stonework on the porch and chimney, and you've got yourself log home filled to the brim with character.
The standard Silver Mountain II is a 707-square-foot stunner with an open kitchen/dining/great room, a bedroom, and a bathroom on the ground floor and a versatile loft that these residents have chosen to convert into a bedroom. The company describes the home as having a "cottage feel for the weekend getaway," but we are seriously considering packing our bags and making this retreat a permanent residence.
This particular home is in New Zealand and is conveniently located next to both water and woods.
The stone fireplace is the centerpiece of the great room and the warmth it emanates is mirrored by the plush red sofa.
Here is the dining room, perfectly sized for a cozy meal. Those stairs lead up to the loft.
The kitchen counters double as storage and that vintage-looking stove is positively swoon-worthy.
The oversized country sink adds to the rustic charm and looks phenomenal next to the vintage-looking refrigerator.
As you would expect, the bathroom appliances are similarly vintage in appearance, including the claw foot bathtub and the sink with two taps.
Even the toilet matches the color scheme!
The loft bedroom is a sight to behold with its sky-high ceilings and exposed wooden beams.
At the opposite side, this desk looks like the ideal spot to work or simply gaze out the window and daydream.
Here are the floor plans for the standard Silver Mountain II:
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