Step into this Craftsman log home and marvel at the rustic dining nook

In a brilliant display of precision and attention to detail, the Craftsman Log House from the Garlinghouse Company serves as a testament to the beauty of rustic living. The well-chosen materials complement each other without competing or clashing, resulting in a home almost too picturesque to believe it's real.
The Craftsman's total living space measures 1362 square feet, with an 833-square-foot main floor and a 529-square-foot upper level. It strikes the perfect balance between rural and refined thanks to its many quirks and thoughtful planning.
The stonework on the porch contrasts beautifully with the wooden siding and the sturdy columns.
The porch practically begs for you to sit down in the shade and catch up with your friends.
This is the mud room, which allows you to stash your wet, dirty clothes before entering the house.
The centerpiece of the great room is the elegant stone fireplace as it brings warmth while emphasizing the sky-high cathedral ceiling.
The appliances meld seamlessly with the rest of the cabinets, preserving the hand-hewn feel. We're also enamored with the slight irregularity in the shape of the island.
The dining room is an entertainer's dream with its sturdy table, charming assortment of chairs, and ornate ceiling tiles. The fact that it protrudes slightly from the rest of the house adds a feeling of privacy and intimacy to the room.
This bedroom is bright and cozy, making it nigh impossible to wake up in a bad mood.
Here is the floor plan for the main level:
And here is the upper level:
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