'Lost Creek Cabin' is a classic cabin we wouldn't mind hibernating in

What do we look for in a log cabin? Something sturdy, for sure, but we also crave those little touches that transform a house into a home. Lost Creek Cabin — inspired by the Madison Ranger Station in Yellowstone National Park and brought to life by Teton Heritage Builders — shines in its rustic detailing and Southwestern-style decor.
According to the Teton Heritage Builders' website, this cozy cabin's steadfast feel comes from "the stone and boulder foundation combined with the skip pealed logs." Perfect in its imperfections, Lost Creek Cabin appeals to both the rugged and refined.
When the warm lights in the living room are on, the cabin absolutely glows at dusk.
Here are a few close-up shots of the rustic details on the exterior that speak to the level of craftsmanship and the attention to detail paid during the construction process:
Once inside, you'll feast your eyes on the Southwestern flair of the decor. We're especially enamored of the seemingly hand-hewn dining room chairs.
The living room perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the entire cabin; the stone fireplace and textured log walls contrast with the flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, yet they all work together rather than clash.
We love how each chair is unique, adding to the rustic feel of the cabin as a whole.
This kitchen took us by surprise, simply because of how gorgeous those appliances are. That stove is the stuff dreams are made of and the matching refrigerator has us on cloud nine.
Who wouldn't want to cuddle up in this dreamy bedroom?
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