Catch a glimpse of the top-notch kitchen in this 1050-square-foot rustic stunner

The Omena from Maple Island Log Homes may not be their biggest model, but its cathedral ceiling and expansive windows prevent you from feeling cramped inside. The quirky touches it offers, such as the contrasting stone chimney and decorative gable ends, sets the Omena apart. The company has been crafting log homes for over 35 years in a vast assortment of environments — from "remote deep forest locales, mountainsides and waterfront property to urban and suburban sites" — and are dedicated to customizing each home to the occupants' every need.
The 1050-square-foot cabin completely embraces its rustic heritage both inside and out. The dark green trim on the windows and doors echoes the lush surrounding greenery to a tee, and the decor seamlessly incorporates elements of the outside without being overwhelming.
This decorative gable above the front door is beyond charming.
This kitchen looks perfectly suited for whipping up a hearty meal, and we love how the cabinetry contrasts with the wooden interior without clashing. The chairs subtly and tastefully resemble camouflage.
What better place to enjoy a meal than in this cozy dining room? As lovely as the table and chairs are, we can't help but marvel at the antler chandelier bathing the room in warm light.
Here are the floor plans for this rustic yet refined home:
The loft is a versatile space that you can convert into another bedroom or reserve as an office or crafting area.
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