Feel like home at this gorgeous lofted log cabin

Golden Eagle Homes, a family log homes building business with decades of experience to back them up, are the creative masterminds behind this beautiful lofted log cabin. The house is perfect for a small family, a couple or a single person who loved to have guests often as well. 
The 2-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms house is a total of 1969 square feet, the first floor being 1260 square feet that encompass the living room opening to a kitchen and a dining area, a second bedroom and bathroom, a pantry, the garage and a covered porch. The 709 square feet of the loft are taken by the beautiful master bedroom, the master bathroom and the loft area that opens to the living room downstairs. 
This is a front view of the lofted home. The eye is immediately caught by the covered porch and the spaciousness of the garage. 
Who wouldn't like to enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine on this gorgeous deck? 
The main floor beautiful wooden bathroom is dominated by the elegant clawfoot bathtub and the wooden cabinets on one of the walls. The natural light provided by the wooden-framed window just adds an extra touch of home warmth. 
From the staircase leading to the loft, one can see the simple and rustic yet majestic vibe of this home. Here we can see the living room leading to the dining area and the kitchen on the corner. 
The kitchen... What can one say about this wooden beauty that isn't already told by the image? From the wooden cabinets to the columns around the bar/island, this is just a delight to the eyes. 
The rustic dining table and chairs are appropriately located next to the beautiful stone fireplace. 
There's a second bedroom on the main floor. This one would be perfect for a guest or a child with cowboy dreams! 
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This rustic wooden stairway leads to the loft, where one can find the master bedroom and bathroom and a sunny loft area. Did you notice the stained glass on the main door?
The main bedroom is another wooden delight. The lofted ceilings add a very home-like touch to the bright and lovely room. 
Yes, there's no clawfoot bathtub in the master bedroom, but one can't deny that the master's bathtub is just as delightful. Can you imagine yourself taking a long bath in this beauty? 
In this case, they've used the loft area to arrange a little office space, but a reading nook or simply a relaxing corner would be as perfect for this place. 
In case the house wasn't awesome enough, the finishing touch is added by a recreation and patio area. The highlight of the patio is obviously that stunning high wooden table. Imagine the barbeque parties that could take place here! 
For the curious, we've included the lofted log cabin's floor plans: 
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