See how open and wide this California home is – you won't believe the space

Nestled in the mountains of California, in the beautiful Plumas National Forest, this home is perfect for anyone looking for a reasonably-sized retreat from the stresses of everyday life. Easily big enough to support a full-sized family or a group of friends, this home is definitely a retreat worth looking in to.
The lush forest surrounding the home enhances its splendor and attracts those who are in need of a little adventure.  A short walk away lies Bucks Lake, and the land surrounding the home boast a wide variety of walking and hiking paths, ensuring that you'll never be bored within this wild playground.
The lot around the house is wide and spacious and beautiful features abound -- the seclusion, the trees, the hills and wildlife around you -- what's not not love? Imagine yourself sitting on the deck, as the water in a nearby stream trickles by.
The interior of the home is extremely spacious, with enough space for a generous living room and a full-sized dinner table.  You'll easily be able to host as many people as you want in this gorgeous space.
And not only that, the entire ceiling is vaulted, giving the home a very spacious, comfortable and inviting atmosphere. No dimly lit, claustrophobic log homes here!
The bedroom is extremely comfortable and spacious -- enough for a queen-sized bed! Not to mention custom curtains that add to the wooden charm of the home.
The kitchen, likewise, is large and generous enough to make any kind of meal you might want. The full-sized fridge and significant counter top space ensures you'll have all the food you'll need and all the space necessary to prepare it.
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Moving upstairs, we see the equally generous and spacious loft area, which the previous tenants set up as another bedroom.  The space up here is perfect for just that, and serves as a great area for the kids, or for guests.
This home is just begging for a new owner to treat it with the love and care that it deserves. From the authentic, real-wood interior, to the vaulted ceilings, to the beautiful forest surrounding it and the nice deck lining the outside to watch it all on, you'll be hard pressed to find a better mountain getaway anywhere! LIKE and SHARE this post on Facebook and tell us what you think!
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