A beautiful Colorado log home in Rio Grande County

If you’ve ever wanted to just get away from it all, this Colorado log house is definitely the one for you. With more than six acres of land in a gated community, this picturesque home lies in its own paradise. You’ll never again wonder what true happiness is; you’ll be living it every day! 
The exterior is truly an impressive sight. Just walking up to this house, you're struck by how imposing it looks in the Colorado countryside. Nestled in the woods, this home is the epitome of peace and quiet – or, if you'd rather have company, it can easily house an entire family.
Unique to the home is a brilliant stump of wood, roots and all, which greets everyone as they enter the main living room.
The kitchen is fully loaded with new stainless steel appliances, marble countertops and a cute stump bar, and the wide open concept feel of the lower level attracts the eye, with the sense of peace and comfort that comes exclusively to log homes.
On top of this, the house comes with a fully furnished entertainment room, boasting ample space for movie viewing – eight seats to enjoy the movies you love watching most.
The bedrooms are the height of rustic comfort. Those little bear-themed bedside lamps are just the best.
Of course, you can’t miss the brilliant view from the balcony – a panoramic spread of beautiful Colorado landscape that feels like it’s solely yours.
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