Take a peek inside La Fuste, a romantic getaway 50 miles away from Paris

With a beautiful name like La Fuste du Domaine de Graville, you know you're not in Kansas anymore. Nope, this gorgeous log cabin is located in the pristine and deep forests of France, just 50 miles from the most romantic city on earth - Paris. Being so close to such a large city, La Fuste still manages to be completely off-the-grid. 
And at just 215 square feet, it's a fairly-tiny love nest of its own, according to its listing at Air BNB. The tranquil atmosphere provided by the surrounding forest makes it hard to believe you're within an hour's drive of the most populated city in France.
The outdoor dinner table is one of the best features of the home, with a comfortable wooden bench on one side and the best views for miles and miles of the serene forest.
Inside the home is a wonderfully comfortable couch near a huge window, not to mention a small desk should the mood to write about the peacefulness of nature strike you during your stay, according to Goods Home Design.
A tiny old-fashioned wood-turning heater populates the corner of the bedroom, giving you the chance to stay toasty warm on cold winter nights in the woods. 
The planks that make up the walls and ceilings often extra layers of warmth against the wind.
A tiny desk is in place if the mood to write should strike you on your stay.
Candles in lanterns, designed to add flickering mood lighting to any stay, while also ensuring the absolute safety of the parties renting the property, sit upon the window sill.
The composting privy is outside, but still wooded to keep you warm when nature calls late at night.
La Fuste is rustic, simple and fuses together perfectly with the picturesque environment surrounding it. What else could a log home lover ask for? 
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